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Some of the wonderful things people have been saying about TRE with Kate:

I first attended a taster TRE session at the beginning of the year out of curiosity.. 4 months later I’m hooked!

It’s been the best weekly addition to my life & I always leave one of Kate’s group sessions feeling so much better in my mind & body than when I walked through the door.

I had no idea what to expect initially and each week something new seems to continuously surprise me.

Highly recommend to everyone! Jess

I was first introduced to TRE with Kate when I attended an introductory event at a local gym. I was really intrigued and felt it would be a better fit to engage in a body based therapy rather than a more traditional talking therapy. In spite of that I was still a little skeptical, however I needn’t have been!From my first contact with Kate I felt at ease and supported. I accessed 4 individual sessions as wanted to have that protected time for me, especially when I was feeling vulnerable. Kate guided me through all the TRE principles and provided plenty of time to practice in session. We also spent time looking at grounding techniques and had space to talk through what was going on for me. Kate is an excellent teacher, informative, gentle and nurturing. I would highly recommend giving TRE a try and even more so with Kate. My plan is to continue the TRE practice at home and then top it up so to speak every so often in one of the group sessions that Kate runs. TRE has really had a huge impact on helping me to manage my emotional well-being more effectively. 😊 Louisa

Do you feel, sometimes, like you just can't relax? Like even at the very start of the day your stress levels are notched up so high that you already know it's going to be a tough day? I know I do. I practise yoga and meditation, I walk with my dogs in nature to help me feel grounded and it all really helps, but after a session with Kate I feel that my stress levels are noticeably reduced. Kate has a wonderful soothing manner and takes you through the TRE process gently, and explains what's happening as you go along. I had never heard of TRE before I came across Kate's practise, and now I am recommending it to everyone. You will feel so much 'lighter' afterwards! Over a few sessions Kate will give you the skills to use TRE independently as well, and I think this is an invaluable tool in todays modern stressful world. You won't regret trying it. Sally

Absolutely love my sessions with Kate. I had never heard of TRE before, but so pleased I gave it a go. The whole experience is so uplifting and relaxing. By the end of the session you leave feeling so relaxed and energised. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Just give it a go, you will love it! Michelle

I am so very happy to have found Kate and TRE. I have ongoing struggles with my health and past traumas and have always held a lot of tension and stress in my body. I’ve practiced yoga and mindfulness but have never been able to relax or stop the constant ‘busyness’ in my mindI’ve been amazed how TRE with Kate has helped to release this tension and stress, and it really does feel like a release. Kate has such an incredibly calm, kind and soothing manner and puts you at ease straight away. She guides you through and explains all the exercises and techniques, making sure you are taking them at your own pace and as gently as you needFor the first time, I’ve felt a connection with my body instead of ‘living in my head’ which has felt groundbreaking for me and is helping me feel so much more balanced and calm. I leave sessions feeling so much more grounded and at peace. I highly recommend TRE with Kate. Nicky

My son is on the GB Youth Squad for Muay thai and had a recurrent hip problem. He had tried rest, rehab exercises and physio with little effect. Kate was recommended as he has ADHD and the issue seemed to be linked with tension. My son had 3 sessions with Kate which he enjoyed and found it not only sorted his hip but gave him some methods to relax in an engaged way. Kate is friendly, calm and knowledgeable. She is clear about cost and how many sessions she thinks will be needed. Not pushing endless sessions. I am planning to try Tre myself with Kate! Lisa

Trying out TRE for the first time I must admit to being a little anxious (and maybe a bit sceptical if I’m honest) but one of Kate’s many strengths as a practitioner is her ability to put you at ease immediately. After a good introduction to TRE, you begin the exercises with a clear explanation and demonstration of them. Nothing too difficult and kate is on hand to adapt them to suit you. I felt at ease straightaway and felt my stress and anxiety levels drop as the session went on to the point where there is a noticeable difference in me physically too … no visible tension in my body language! I’ve experienced classes with Kate in face to face and online group sessions and both are equally effective. My mind is very much in the session and not wandering off which can be quite difficult for me!I’d highly recommend TRE with Kate as an effective stress and tension reliever, a bit of time to yourself but also as Kate will equip you with the knowledge you need to eventually do these exercises safely in your own time. Wasan

Kate is very kind, patient and empathic. I enjoyed the TRE training which had a depth to it due to Kate being a qualified TRE teacher. I'm really pleased to now know the TRE technique which I will use regularly. I noticed my "crunchy neck" does not crunch anymore since starting TRE. I expect I carried tension in my neck which has been released by TRE. Jeanette

I attended the Saturday morning session with Kate on the 16 September above Horsforth library. I was intrigued to learn more about TRE. Slightly nervous and if honest, a little bit sceptical initially. Kate was calm and patient, adapting the class to others with more/less experience. I felt calm and relaxed after the session and had a super nights sleep. Signed up for another session next week. Would definitely recommend the session to anyone stressed, needing space and time for themselves away from busy lives. Penny

I knew very little about TRE and wasn’t sure exactly how it would benefit me so I arrived at my group session feeling a little nervous and unsure. However, Kate soon put me at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable, explained everything really clearly and questions were welcomed. Kate made sure that everyone was able to participate fully by adapting exercises if necessary. I left the session feeling relaxed and re-energised. As an added bonus the long standing lower back pain I had suffered from just disappeared! Diane

I've had both 1-2-1 and group sessions with Kate and I can't even begin to tell you how beneficial I have found them. Kate's knowledge is vast and she has such a beautiful energy about her, making the environment incredibly safe and supportive. I would highly recommend TRE, especially with Kate. I can't wait for my next session! Eva

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